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Dog breeds Luton, Bedfordshire

Dog breeds Luton, Bedfordshire

Dogs are without question one of the most cutest, loving, friendly and intelligent animals on the planet. We love them!

However...after the first few days of cuddles and showing off proudly the new member of the family, things can quickly spiral out of control.

With some tricky times ahead, patience, love and understanding goes a long way...

Hopefully you've done some good homework before you've brought your new pooch home. Factors such as how active you are can have a big impact on the breed you choose. What personality does your dog have? Is it best matched for you and your home environment?

Positive vs Negative. While 'NO' is a command that puppies need to understand, my problem with the use of the word 'NO' is that most puppies don't understand it. Or at the very least, not correctly. Why? Because it's so general and far too often used for a variety of things.

Puppies (in fact all dogs) need to understand 'NO', or 'STOP' but to do that they need a little bit of help first. The sad thing is, 'NO' is way out in front for words used the most with puppies brought home. I prefer to concentrate on the positive, and catch what has be done right. By seeing more good in your puppy, praising and rewarding the positive behaviour becomes a lot more enjoyable for them. And for you!

Every puppy/dog is different, every breed is different. There is no 'one size fits all' solution. However, one thing that is the same is the fact your puppy/dog loves you, wants your attention and wants to impress you . Puppies/dogs can communicate with you in a good or a bad way. I know which one I would prefer!

Dog breeds Luton, Bedfordshire

Why Me?

I spend over 2000 hours a year with dogs, more if you include my dog, Loki, and I enjoy every single minute of it.

Whether walking a group of dogs or working 1 to 1 with those that need a little help, there's always a new task ahead waiting to be taken on!

I don't have a magic wand unfortunately, but what I do have is the skills to show you and your best friend a consistent and successful approach-using reward based positive training methods.

I'm focused on providing a positive reward based dog training and behavioural service. I'll do everything I can to meet your expectations. Whether you need help with dog training, puppy training or dog walking I am sure myself and the team can meet your requirements.

My dog training is accredited by the CPD Standards office and I continue to learn and help dogs on a daily basis with reward-based positive training methods. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by dogs 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Dogs are amazing animals and part of the family. We love them dearly and want to do the best for them. With this in mind, love, patience, understanding and a bit of help can go a long way. I can not only show you various positive based reward methods of training, but also help you and your dog to continue and develop these techniques for a rewarding and happy life together.


In loving memory of our 2 wonderful dogs, Milo & Rufus

 July 2003 - May 2018 & June 2003 - April 2016

We'll always love you, miss you and remember the happy times...xxx